Rubber Fender With PE-UHMW Face Pad
Rubber Fender With PE-UHMW Face Pad Rubber Fender With PE-UHMW Face Pad Rubber Fender With PE-UHMW Face Pad Rubber Fender With PE-UHMW Face Pad

Rubber Fender With PE-UHMW Face Pad

Material:Plastics Usage:Marine Fender Color:Black Size: Custom Size Service Time:5-10 Years Density:0.93-0.97g/cm3 Thickness:6-300mm

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Rubber Fender With PE-UHMW Face Pad

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UHMW PE is the strongest and toughest of all polyethylene grades for marine applications – even outlasting steel as a facing material, and many times better than timber facings. UHMW PE does not decay or rot, and is unaffected by marine borers. It is grain-free so will not splinter or crush, and can be cut, drilled and machined with ease. Most UHMW PE is supplied as Black – not just because this is the most economic choice, but also because black is manufactured using a double sintering process which work hardens the UHMW PE to further increase its abrasion resistance.


Average   molecular weightg/mol3million- 10 million
Tensile   strength (23°C in air)MPa22
Breaking   strengthMPa42
Charpy impact   strength (notched)mJ/mm2No break
Ball   indentation hardnessN/mm238
Shore D   hardness--63-70
Abrasion%70-80, steel = 100
Static   Friction Coefficient--≤0.2
Kinetic   Friction Coefficient--≤0.15
Water   Absorption--<0.01
Elongation at   break at 23 degress%≥300
Temperature   resistance°C-269 to +85
Melting   Temperature°C130-140



Harbor Construction BoatsIndividual profiles on quay wallsRubbing StripsWear Pads to cover wood and rubberLow friction bushingsTruck Docks PilingsFenders for dock plate protectionWear plates and slidesDredgesFloating DocksSlide wall fenders to protectWear plates where dock meets pillagedredge from bargesBushings for pivots.




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