Function of the anchor chain


Anchor chain is the chain connection between the anchor and the ship to external force and buffer ship suffered. And at the same time, it also can produce a part of the friction force.

The main function of the ships anchor is fixed and stable. And we can talk about it from the following several aspects:

The most basic condition of the chain is hook something hard on seabed, in that way, the chain should play the role effectively. If the chain is not long enough, the anchor will not work. And if the sea floor is flat or what is not a fixed anchor hook or the hook is not stable enough, there is no problem with good weather conditions, on the other hand, once the sea is very rough, the anchor could hook nothing so that it will be out of work, and we call it dragging anchor. It is very dangerous during drop anchor because the main engine is out of work so that it has no motive power to make the ship start.

The weight of the chain is negligible. Generally, the anchor chain of anchored ship is straight, and it can ignore the friction force. If you are on the beach, you could find there are many anchor chains of fishing vessel are thick ropes.

From the deck to see, the anchor chain is straight, but under the water there is a part of anchor chain is closed to parallel with seabed. The anchor provide the holding power, and then transferred to the ship through the chain so that it can resistance current and waves and the reason of closing to the seabed is that we must consider the influence of stress. If the anchor chain is straight completely, it is easy to take the anchor. But if there are a part is closed to the seabed, there will be a margin to control it.