Installation and debugging service

Installation and debugging service is a technical after sales service. It is a kind of after sales service that company sent technicians to guide on spot or to install and debug directly according to users requirements, which aims to mark sure the machinery equipment bought by clients can be successfully installed, rightly debugged and stably start operation.

We hope that our clients can make full use of our products and enjoy the use process, after buying. If you are distributors, we hope that this service will increase and contribute to your sales chance, and establish good reputation of your company. 


Application Range:

The installation and debugging is often applied to navigation light, mooring buoy, navigation buoy or big marine project of whole set equipment.


Service Content:

1.    Guide or edit design scheme, installation and debugging scheme, and time scheme.

2.    Equipment installation construction, solve the technical problems during installation.

3.    Monitor and inspect the installation quality, make sure up to required technical standard.

4.    Guide or in charge of equipment debugging, and deal with abnormal situation during debugging.

5.    Guide or in charge of start and operation of equipment, and make sure it can come into use normally.

6.    Or we can provide training to your stuff with instruction manual.


Service Fees

The service often belongs to paid services, and details need to be discussed with ALA.

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