2)为什么碳泥吸附比猫砂和其他粘土产品更好?碳泥吸附因为只需要使用更小的量,所以整体更加经济,也提供一个更方便,更环保的处理办法。 产品绿色安全,吸收后不再向土壤或者地下水溢出油污。






碳泥吸附2011公司的环境管理体系和相关产品经过ISO 14001认证













1What else should I know about Peat Sorb™?

Peat Sorb 2011 Inc north of Edmonton, Alberta, is the exclusive manufacturer of Peat Sorb™. The manufacturing end of the business was purchased in order to ensure the quality and supply of Peat Sorb™. Since then we have continued to grow and develop new, greener ways of running our business. We can help you do the same.


2Why is Peat Sorb™ better than kitty litter and other clay products?

Peat Sorb™ is more cost effective overall, by using less product and providing for easier, greener disposal. Peat Sorb™ is environmentally safe in that it does not leach the hydrocarbon back into the soil or the groundwater.


3Why does Peat Sorb™ absorb hydrocarbons and repel water?

Because peat is one of the building blocks of hydrocarbons the fibers are able to draw hydrocarbons inside their structure. The natural wax released from the cells now prevents the hydrocarbon from leaching out of the Peat Sorb™. These natural waxes also prevent water from being absorbed into the Peat Sorb™.


4Peat Sorb's™ Commitment to the Environment.

Peat Sorb 2011 Inc.'s environmental management system as it relates to the production of Peat Sorb™ and related products is ISO 14001 certified.


5Does Peat Sorb™ leach out the hydrocarbon?

Once Peat Sorb™ has absorbed the hydrocarbon, it will not release it even under pressure. Peat Sorb™ has passed the Toxicity Characteristic Leachate Procedure (T.C.L.P.).

Peat Sorb™ will retain the hydrocarbon until the naturally occurring microbes found in the soil break down the hydrocarbon to its basic elements. We have also had the Peat Sorb™ tested at Michigan State University in a series of grass tests. When grass is exposed to an oil spill the grass will die if left untreated. Where the spill is treated with Peat Sorb™ the grass continues to grow even when the Peat Sorb™ is left in place, proving that the hydrocarbon does not leach out of the Peat Sorb™.


6Does Peat Sorb™ reduce VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)?
Peat Sorb™ is an effective product in the suppression of volatile organic compounds (VOC's). Peat Sorb™ has the ability to absorb flammable liquids and aid in the prevention of flashbacks. Peat Sorb™ will reduce the VOC's from 100% to around 10%.


7How do I dispose of used Peat Sorb™?

Please follow your local disposal requirements as they relate to the hydrocarbon. Peat Sorb™ can take a liquid hazardous hydrocarbon and solidify it to make it non-hazardous, but if the liquid is a toxic liquid it remains toxic in solid form.

Save energy by using your used Peat Sorb™ as a source of fuel for burning! It will contribute about 15,000 - 15,500 BTU's per pound and will assist in the incineration of absorbed oils. It is another way that Peat Sorb™ helps you contribute to an efficient, green and environmentally responsible way of running your business. If ignited accidentally, Peat Sorb™ burns with a controlled wick action and helps reduce the potential for explosive combustion. Peat Sorb™ does not leach the hydrocarbon back into the environment, so it can safely be buried in landfill PEA SOHO according to your local regulations. Soil and groundwater will not be contaminated by the hydrocarbon.


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