Potassium Bicarbonate
Potassium Bicarbonate
  • Potassium Bicarbonate
  • Potassium Bicarbonate
  • Potassium Bicarbonate
  • Potassium Bicarbonate
  • Potassium Bicarbonate

Potassium Bicarbonate

  • FOB Price: 100-1000 USD / ton
  • MOQ: 1 ton
  • Supply Capability: 10000 ton / month
  • Port: As customer requirement
  • Delivery: 15-20days
  • Packaging: neutral bag;customized

Potassium Bicarbonate


Potassium Bicarbonate is colorless and transparent crystal. The relative density is 2.17. It is stable in the air. It is soluble in water, forming a slightly alkaline solution, but insoluble in alcohol. The solution can not react with magnesium salt yielding precipitate of alkaline salt. It begins to decompose at 100°C and completely decomposes and turns into Potassium Carbonate losing carbon dioxide and water at 200°C.

Potassium carbonate can be used for deproteinization. Mild drying agent where other drying agents such as calcium chloride and magnesium sulfate may be incompatible. Not suitable for acidic compounds, but can be useful for drying an organic phase if one has a small amount of acidic impurity. Potassium carbonate is also used in the synthesis of well-defined phosphate-methylated DNA fragments: It is shown that base deprotection can be accomplished in potassium carbonate/methanol without affecting the methyl phosphotriesters.


Industrial Grade ( GB/T 1587-2000 )
Purity(as K2CO3)% Min999998.596
Chloride(as KCl)% Max0.
Sulphate(as K2SO4)% Max0.
Iron% Max0.0010.0010.0030.01
Insoluble matter in water% Max0.
Burnt loss% Max0.60.811
Food Grade (HG2452-93)
Purity(as K2CO3)% Min99
Chloride(as KCl )% Max0.01
Sulphate (as K2SO4)% Max0.01
Iron% Max0.001
Insoluble matter in water% Max0.02
Burnt loss% Max0.6
Arsenic% Max0.0003
Heavy Metal(as Pb)% Max0.002



1. It is used as raw materials in manufacturing electro tube, TV kinescope, computer display, and is applied in optical glass improving clarity, strength and refractive index.

2. It is applied in electrode avoiding electric arc breaking-off during welding, and is used to produce food additives like potassium sorbate, monopotassium phosphate, etc.

3. It is foliar spray fertilizer and a constituent of compound fertilizer. In dyeing industry, and is used to produce vat dyestuff and discharge of ice dyeing.

4. It is absorbent removing hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide; dry powder extinguisher mixed with soda; auxiliary raw material for producing alcohol and acetone; and anti-aging agent in rubber production.

5. Its solution is used in boiling and scouring of cotton cloth and wool's degreasing. Used in manufacture of printing ink, photograph-drug, polyester, explosives, electroplating, tanning, ceramic, building materials, crystals and medicine.




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