HTA/HTE Petrochemical process pump
HTA/HTE Petrochemical process pump
  • HTA/HTE Petrochemical process pump
  • HTA/HTE Petrochemical process pump

HTA/HTE Petrochemical process pump

  • MOQ: 1 set
  • Supply Capability: 10 set / day
  • Port: China port
  • Delivery: 10-15days
  • Packaging: export pack


HTA/HTE pump is single stage horizontal cantilever type centrifugal pump. HTA pump uses foot support, and HTE pump uses central support. Single suction radial impeller, axial suction and radial discharge are used.According to the using condition, we use fore-ring and post-ring and balance hole to hydraulic balance. Cooling or warming pipe joint lies in stuffing box. Shaft seal uses packing seal, or single or double face mechanical seal, along with cooling, washing or sealing liquid system. Standard pipe line is designed according to API610. The rated pressure classes of flange of suction and discharge pipe are the same. Pump rotates clockwise from the motor end.

Applicable medium

HTA/HTE pump is used for inorganic acid and organic acid, like sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and phosphate in a variety of temperature and concentration, in addition, It is also used for alkaline solution like sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate in kinds of temperature and concentration. Salt solution, liquid petroleum chemical products, organic compounds and other corrosive material and products are also applicable. Corrosion resistant material we use can meet the requirements of mediums above. Please provide the details of the medium when ordering.

Use of HTA/HTE pump

Oil refineries, petroleum chemical industry, coal processing industry and cryogenic engineering; Chemical industry, paper industry, pulp industry, sugar industry and normal processing industry; Water supply factory, desalination plants and power plants; Warming and air condition system, environmental protecting engineering, shipping and maritime industry, and so on.

Scope of performance

Working pressure(P)2.5MPa(HTA pump)
5.0MPa(HTE pump)
Working temperature(T)-80℃~+200℃(HTA pump)
-80℃~+450℃(HTE pump)

Basic structure design


Material type

TypeMaterial Mark
904904LTitanium and alloy

Parts list of HTA/HTE

102Pump body400Flat gasket638Constant bearing ring
161Pump cover412O ring644Oil slinger
183Foot433Mechanical seal673Oil separator
210Shaft471Gland710Drainage tube
230Impeller502Pump ring915Steel wire spiral sets
320Bearing503Impeller ring922Impeller nut
330Bearing bracket507Shield923Bearing nut
360Bearing cover524Shaft sleeve932Snap ring

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